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Architecture Review Board

March 20, 2013

  1. MS Office Editing Tools for iOS Devices
    We were asked to review 2 cloud-based editors, Astral Pad and CloudOn, for the iPad. Both apps are currently available for free and work ok on the device. AstralPad has the added feature of integrated video collaboration which we tested. Both apps work with third party cloud storage providers, including SkyDrive, DropBox, and, in the case of CloudOn, Google Drive. Based on the integration with Google Drive, we would recommend CloudOn as the preferred app for state users. CloudOn is also available for Android devices.
    CNet Review of AstralPad
    TechCrunch Review of CloudOn
  2. DMZ Discussion - Scott Peterson
  3. UDC Digital Signatures (also see item #4)
    UDOT's Use of Digital Signatures for Electronic Bidding
  4. Adobe Echosign (DWS)
    Echosign is an Adobe solution for electronic signing of documents across many different platforms including iOS and Google Apps. It includes Workflow and Document Management capabilities. Enterprise pricing starts at $299/month for 10+ users.
  5. Application security review tools: Awaiting response from UDOH... this item will be on the upcoming meeting schedule.
  6. Google Forms at UDOH.
    UDOH is interested in using more advanced functionality in Google Apps, including Google Apps Scripts, APIs, etc.
  7. Skype, Google+ Hangouts, desktop video conferencing: DWS
    Google+: integration with enterprise directory, 15 connections, events, integration with Google Apps, Google+ Hangouts Live, users can join from their telephone
    Skype: 25 connections, integrated conference room hardware, cost for out of system calls
  8. Critical Chain Management (Exepron): DWS
    Exepron is a cloud-based project management system. An enterprise license that supports 100 projects, 30GB of storage, and unlimited user access is currently priced at $289/month.