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Architecture Review Board

March 4, 2015

  1. Review Item: Mobile Platform Design Guidelines for Touch-Enabled Devices
    Finalizing recent feedback, revised guidelines will be presented at April ARB
  2. Review Item: Network Tools Standards
  3. Google Developer Console: Corona Ngatuvai
  4. Review Item: Policy-Driven Adoption for Accessibility (PDAA)
  5. New Search Engine Ranking Priorities
    • HTTPS
      Google is including HTTPS as a ranking signal
    • Mobile Friendly
      Google will begin using mobile responsiveness as a significant criteria in their ranking algorithm. Currently, just over 60% of department websites are using responsive design. Every department and division website should be tested using Google's design test tool.Recommendation: Develop new SEO Guidelines for Developers and Web Managers
  6. File Share Update - Darrus McBride
  7. April ARB