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Architecture Review Board

March 5, 2014

  1. Email Validating Solution: DWS is looking for an automated solution that will remove invalid email addresses from lists and databases.
    There are many products like this on the market such as StrikeIron
    (http://www.strikeiron.com/product-list/email/email-verification/), a cloud-based solution or Email Checker Pro
    (http://www.automailsender.com/email-checker/p.htm). We would like to know if any agencies have had experience with or are already using similar products.
  2. Lucid Chart has been added to the Collaboration Tools Standard.
  3. Proposed Access Control Standard - Final Action
  4. Mobile Application Deployment Process Standard - Final Action
  5. Standard Reviews
    • Software Inventory and Distribution Standard
      An Operations team is currently reviewing this area, so any standard proposal will be deferred.
    • Virtualization Software Standard
      Recommendation: Extend the current VMWare standard to March 2015, but create a team to review technologies associated with a Software Defined Data Center, including SDN, OpenStack, Software Defined Storage (virtual SANs), as well as a comparison of the costs and benefits of VMWare vs. Microsoft Cloud OS.
    • Windows Server Standard
      The current Windows Server Standard is Windows 2008 and was last reviewed in 2011. Windows Server 2012 is heavily invested in cloud technologies (Cloud OS) and includes many services similar to VMWare. DTS still supports Windows 2003 Servers in its data center. Windows Server 2003 Extended Support ends July 14, 2015. Current Windows Server version counts are:
      Windows 2003 Server (289)
      Windows 2008 Server (808)
      Windows 2012 Server (33)
      Recommendation: Add Windows Server 2012 to the standard and migrate all Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 by December 31, 2014. Exceptions to this requirement should be noted and tracked.
  6. Standard Reviews (Discussion only and review on April 2)