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Architecture Review Board

March 6, 2013

  1. Application Security Tools (HP Fortify)
  2. DMZ Environment Discussion - Scott Peterson
  3. Utah Google Apps for Government User Group
  4. Google Apps Standards
  5. Google Developer (UDOH)
  6. Secure USB Flash Drives
    • Tax plans to use secure USB drives, using Symantec to lock down which drives can be used or possibly using admin software available from the vendor. This same subject has come up in DHS as well. Tax chose the Kanguru Defender model and Kevin has presented that to DHS as a solution as well.
  7. Address Cleansing (Tax): Trillium, SmartyStreets.com, etc. Tax license to Trillium is expiring so they have explored the use of SmartyStreets.com as a tool to perform ad-hoc address cleansing and verification.
  8. Join.me (Tax) - Some employees at Tax are using join.me as a tool for screen sharing and collaboration.