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May 26, 2010

1. Request to select an enterprise CMS . Discussion of concepts and plan to move forward. We have developed a surveythat we would like to share with agency IT Directors and website managers.
2. Digital State update.
The Digital State Survey is due on June 30. It addresses a broad array of architectural and policy issues. Download the survey (.doc)
3. TA Review OS CM 5.11.10.pdf - Open Source Collection Management Systems - DCC
4. Web Standards Review
Opening up the discussion on Web Standards. Suggestions will be reviewed for final recommendations at July 14th ARB. Please submit any suggestions prior to June 30th. Current Web Standards document .
5. Java Framework Request from DWS: should we include JInitiator in the Java Framework Standard?
Recommendation is to grant an exception to DWS rather than approve this as part of the statewide standard.

6. Request from Arizona to use the DTS Remedy Incident and Change Manual
7. Adobe LiveCycle Product Information and Sole Source Request - ORS (Adobe LiveCycle is a document centric BPM product and is not on the Adobe State Contract. Documentum, which is on contract, provides similar functionality and is more highly rated by Forrester. A comprehensive procurement will require an RFP since there are at least seven enterprise class providers of document centric BPM products.)
8. Wikispaces to discontinue support for IE 6 on June 18, 2010. (see item 12)
9. Secure FTP (Insurance Request) - (DTS provides SFTP services upon request at no charge to agencies for internal SFTP, however no provision exists for SFTP transfers to third party providers, or related storage of SFTP files. There is no product description for the service.)
10. Recommendation to use go.usa.gov as URL shortener for Utah.gov addresses
11. Discussion: Use of free cloud storage options. see article by Dan Lohrmann
12. Update to Browser Support Standard Internal Web Browser Standard 5.25.10.pdf (Editable ARB draft at http://docs.google.com/a/utah.gov/Doc?docid=0AW_xpmZDD4GUZGNtNzQ4bXFfMzhkenBod2M5aA&hl=en)
The current standard required all internal services to be compatible with an IE7 / Firefox 3.x standard by August 2009. Discussion: upgrade the existing standard and ensure that all state browsers are migrated BEYOND IE6 / FF 2.x by July 2010.
13. Operating Systems Review
Please provide input and suggestions on the future of OS environments in the State by June 30th.
14. iPad Use Case Report 5.24.10.pdf Review Draft (Editable ARB draft at http://docs.google.com/a/utah.gov/Doc?docid=0AW_xpmZDD4GUZGNtNzQ4bXFfMzloa2ZiOTZncA&hl=en)
The iPad is not currently supported by DTS.
15. ListServ Standard.
Proposed standard will be Lyris as currently supported by DTS. Please provide any input.
16. WebM / VP8 and open web media.
Information item only, no standard recommendation at this time.