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Architecture Review Board

May 28, 2014

  1. Remote Desktop Support Standard
    Currently, the state does not have a formal Remote Desktop Support Standard across all platforms. A standard was approved for certain mobile devices and is identified in the iPad User Guide. This request is that the ARB identify an enterprise standard(s) for Remote Desktop Support across all platforms that is both secure and cost-effective. Bomgar is currently in use by the enterprise service desk, but we have been informed that others in the organization are using a variety of remote access and support tools.
    Decision: Formalize Bomgar as a state standard for Remote Desktop Support? Approve additional standards for remote access and support for cases where budget is not available and a lower security requirement is essential?
  2. Software Inventory & Distribution Standard, 4300-0011
    The current standard is for Novell Zenworks to be installed on every desktop / laptop in the state inventory to be able to provide a complete software inventory for all machines supported by DTS.Enterprise Client Management
    Currently, we do not utilize ZenWorks for everything it could potentially do. It is a contender in the field of Enterprise Client Management Tools. Traditionally, these tools have been focused on "PC Management", but most of them have evolved to a much more comprehensive scope in terms of the capabilities they offer. Forrester sees it like this going forward:
    Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 9.59.10 AM.png
    Discussion: How well is the current model working? Should we explore additional capabilities in the future?
  3. File Sharing / Workgroups
    Some agency workgroups continue to request new fileshares through DTS support staff. The recommendation is to clarify that it is the policy of DTS to support Google Drive as the standard environment for sharing files. Executive branch agencies all have access to Google Drive as part of the state's hosted email contract and this is the currently the most cost-effective way to share files within or between agencies. Google Drive provides the capability to share files with specific individuals or with groups as determined by the file owner and meets the security requirements identified in the state contract with Google.Recommendation: Approve Google Drive as the standard for file sharing and workgroups.
  4. LUKS Encryption for Redhat.
    LUKS Software Overview
    5 DHS servers are running Redhat 32bit o/s and support staff has not been able to encrypt them with the Guardium. There is no plans to upgrade or migrate them to other systems. DTS staff has requested approval to encrypt these servers with LUKS encryption.
    Recommendation: LUKS represents a stable environment for Linux servers but is still a work in progress for mobile environments such as Android. There are no apparent reasons why this could not serve as an alternative to Guardium on Linux server platforms requiring data encryption.
  5. ORS Business Resumption Proposal: Support for Virtualized Linux on IBM Mainframe
    DTS has already made a strategic decision to migrate away from mainframe computing as a standard practice. Many studies have already documented significant savings resulting from mainframe migration. For example, CGI data suggests that retiring the mainframe can eliminate up to 90% of its operational costs. Including cost, three primary benefits are typically realized: 1) Cost, 2) Agility, 3) Skills

    The ORS business case examines alternatives with an assumption that DTS will continue to support the mainframe environment and compares the marginal cost of adding additional capacity to existing mainframes to the cost of implementing an entirely new distributed architecture in Richfield. If DTS plans to maintain mainframe services into the future, this may be an acceptable approach. If it determines (or has determined) to retire the mainframe environment, then the basis for the business case becomes moot. Assuming that it is the goal of DTS to retire the mainframe in the near future, our recommendation is to explore alternatives to the ORS proposal in greater depth, including the development of a more robust open systems architecture in Richfield for business continuity and testing and looking at options to provide business continuity and testing services in the public cloud, where the state could pay for a significantly reduced footprint and expand based on demand.

  6. Windows Server Update
    Windows Server 2003 end-of-life is set for July 2015.
    296 total servers
    33 servers have no response
    38 have been decommissioned or will be by July 2014
    61 to be replaced by December 2014

  7. Standard Reviews for July 2014
    4300-0012 Collaboration Tools Standard
    4300-0020 State Website Mobile Access Standard