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Architecture Review Board

May 29, 2013

  1. Life Cycle Development. Document. Discussion
  2. Password Vaults / Managers: Discussion
    Many users are getting frustrated with the number of lengthy passwords they are having to remember and are looking for a secure way to manage multiple passwords.
    Is a single ID possible for the state of Utah? How far away are we from that today?
  3. Updates for Google Apps for Government (information only)
  4. Gmail Offline - General Access to the Chrome Store: Discussion
  5. Google Sites Policy
  6. PDF Document Accessibility (Netcentric)
    There are about 1,680,000 pdf documents on the Utah.gov domain. Among these documents are many that are not accessible to the blind. One of the biggest problems is that many of these documents are scanned, so they are strictly an image which cannot be read or searched. Netcentric sells a product called CommonLook that can help achieve greater accessibility compliance with PDF documents. WebAim did an initial review of CommonLook. Tools like CommonLook are not a silver bullet. Agency website managers should be aware of the accessibility issues outlined on Howto.gov:
  7. Administrative Access Policy on Shared Sites and Services (Discussion Draft)
  8. External Cloud Hosting Policy Guidelines (Discussion Draft)
  9. Desktop Video Alternatives Comparison
  10. Mobile Strategy Discussion
  11. PCI Certification Letters for UI - information item