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Architecture Review Board

May 6, 2015 Agenda

  1. HB122 - Accessibility Rules - Bob Woolley Status Report & Discussion
  2. Review Item: Mobile Platform Design Guidelines for Touch-Enabled Devices
    Finalizing recent feedback, revised guidelines will be presented at April ARB

    Recommendation: Replace with W3C Standards for Web Applications on Mobile (simplify)
  3. Use of GIT - Approved for Version Control in April 2015
  4. File Integrity Monitoring Software - Tripwire vs. Solarwinds vs. LogRhythm, vs....
    • Should this be an enterprise or agency function?
    • Others include Qualys, Verisys, Trustwave
  5. Sharepoint - Discussion Only
    What is Sharepoint?
    Two agencies are using Sharepoint in stand-alone instances. Should Sharepoint be included as an approved Standard and be supported by DTS?
  6. Amazon EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) - DWS request to use in pilot project
  7. Items for Discussion / June Meeting
    • Postgres SQL (request from AGRC)
      (see the DBEngines ranking of DBMS)
    • Jekyll/GitHub as alternative to Wordpress or other database-centric CMS (request from AGRC)
    • Boomerang (request from UDOH)
    • BeyondCore - Analytics Software
    • PHP7 - expected release October 2015
    • Testing and Certification Solution (request from Doug Chandler)
    • Adobe Echosign (request from Doug Chandler)
    • Central backup solution (request from Darrus)
    • enQuire by Tactiv for project management
  8. Other