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Mobile Application Deployment Process

Process for deploying mobile applications to production

  1. Schedule your application to go through QA by the Mobile QA group.
  2. Once the application has passed QA, create a Change Request and give the Mobile QA group approval to submit your application for acceptance at the App store(s).

Scheduling an application to go through QA by the Mobile QA group.
You just need to send the following documentation and the code to the QA team for approval:

The Mobile QA group will ask for verification that the application has gone through a security review and has also been reviewed for accessibility.

The QA group will ensure that if the app(s) are to be published for use by the public, that there is both an IOS and Android application. All mobile
functionality presented for use by the public should run on both iOS and Android devices. The platform for internal apps is up to the discretion of the

Quality Assurance Group Procedures before approving an application for deployment
  1. The Quality Assurance Team will test the application for the proper functionality is part of the development process and should be done prior to sending the application to the Mobile QA group.
  2. The Mobile QA group will test that the application runs properly on the appropriate devices and will also check for other high-­‐level factors that are necessary for acceptance by the ‘App stores’.

What will the Quality Assurance Group do, once application is approved for submission to the App Store

The QA group will:
  1. Submit the apps to the appropriate App Store and coordinate the communications associated with those submissions.
  2. Notify the development group of acceptance/non-­‐acceptance.
  3. Once accepted, coordinate updates to the State Mobile App page.