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Delete HP Openview from the "LAN" sectionIt has not been used for several years now. We have not been paying any maintenance on this software for a long time, so there are no cost savings. Other tools already in the network standard can do everything HP Openview was doing for us.

Add HP ProCurve Manager PlusUntil this last year, agencies were purchasing their own HPCM (the 'plus' is the enterprise version), and paying various levels of one-time and upgrade costs for single user licenses. The HPCM Plus cost us $6,250 one-time, and a small fraction of that annually. It gives us 10 simultaneous licenses and is large enough to include all of the state's switches -and then some. There is definitely a cost savings here, though we can only estimate (at least $5k annually).
  • Unified management across entire network
  • Configure, update, monitor, and troubleshoot devices
  • Policy-based and multidevice management
  • Proactively alert setting, automatic action taking
  • Advanced traffic-monitoring capabilities
  • Vendor Info Link Here.

Add Cisco WorksWe have been using Cisco Works for years, and it should have been in the first network standard. We use Cisco Works to maintain back-up configurations of all of our WAN network devices.
  • Provides a foundation for CiscoWorks applications to share a common model for data storage, login, user role definitions, access privileges, security protocol and navigation
  • Creates a standard user experience for all management functions
  • Provides Multi-server environment with new security mechanisms for secure communications and data sharing
  • Helps to discover devices from network using CDP, ARP, OSPF and many other protocols
  • Provides a mechanism to logically group devices together and share between CiscoWorks applications for task execution
  • Provides a list of debugging tools to enable you to test the device connectivity and troubleshoot non-responsive devices
Good Wikipedia overview here. Add OpNet AceOpNet Ace has proven to be highly useful for the data center consolidation. It isn't so much a network tool as it is a tool that checks to see if applications are optimally using the network. It's a strong bridge between networking and hosting, and we have trained many techs on both sides of the house. The cost is $3,400/month ($40,800 annually).
Here is the vendor link.